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Storm surges at tide gauge Cuxhaven

Development in the past

Storm Surge Intensity

In Cuxhaven the intensity of storm surges increased over time.

Data from the current season are preliminary and reflect the present status of the ongoing season.

Interpretation of the figure

Is the intensity in the current storm surge season unusual?

Storm Surge Intensity

No red dot:
There is no storm surge yet in the current season.

Red dot above the thick blue line but within the upper hinge:
The storm surge in the current season is more intense than 50% of the events happened in that given month, but not uncommon compared to the past.

Red dot above the upper hinge:
In that month, the intensity of the storm surge in the current season is uncommon compared to the past.

Note that intensity is calculated based on hourly data, so the low storm surges with peaks exceeding the threshold only shortly (less than one hour) are counted as zero in this analysis.

Interpretation of the figure